• Customer driven FTE and FFS
  • From idea to clinical candidate for clients :
    • IP generation – Lead generation;
    • Lead optimization – medicinal and process chemistry;
    • Candidate selection – project management
  • Advantages over CROs in China and India:
    • Quick turn-around time;
    • No communication barrier;
    • Strong IP protection

Value Added Service

  • Total value from AIM Bio FTE contracts is competitive with that of foreign CROs
    • Provided a key chiral intermediate in large scale based on chiral resolution; Solved a bottle-neck problem that internal group depended on asymmetric synthesis requiring laborious chromatography;
    • Provided feedback to SAR and solutions to improve potency and pharmacokinetic properties.


  • San Francisco bay area: short driving distance from SFO.
  • Currently has a 5000 SQFT lab space with 9 chemical hoods.
  • Expansion will add more hoods in the east bay.

Examples of Custom Synthesis

  • Focused on fee-for-service work for niche intermediates: no suppliers, or substantial lead times from the other CROs.
  • Targets were entirely customer driven
  • Quotes were comparable to those of foreign CROs